A senior technical writer turning developers into superfans.

I’m Nick Cernis [“Chernis”], a senior technical writer shipping developer tools and docs at WP Engine. I believe that strong technical writing crafted with clarity and style turns early adopters into happy customers and evangelists.

I’ve worked as an engineer and release lead on a website framework used by 600,000 publishers, as a technical writer bootstrapping developer-facing docs and starter kits, and as a support engineer championing the needs of an open source community of 80,000 developers. I have worked remotely for 15 years with diverse product teams worldwide.

I’m a British/Italian dual national living in Innsbruck, Austria, and a native English speaker learning German and Italian. I have a BSc in Computer Animation and Special Effects, but I promise not to point out the identical scratches on different X-wings in Star Wars: The Force Awakens until we’ve finished watching the movie together.

Outside of work I'm excited about cycling, chess, street photography, short stories, snowboarding and lifelong learning.